13 thoughts on “Serene Master Bedroom

  1. Melana

    Amazing as usual! So lovely… great job, Dee!

  2. AprilDenise

    Oh my Gosh!!!!!! Dee this is amazing! And honestly, I wouldn’t change a thing! Serene is definitely what I feel when looking at this space. So proud of you. And the man on the galloping horse wouldn’t change a thing either. For sure I’m going to try the mirror decor. It’s amazing!

  3. deevadesigner

    Thank You April!!!!!!!! Your feedback means so much to me 🙂

  4. deevadesigner

    Thanks Melana!!! and Thank you for visiting, I really appreciate it 🙂

  5. Aunt "C"

    Dee, I had the pleasure of viewing your masterpiece and work of art in person and once again you have blown my mind. I like everything about it. You are definitely in the top ten of the “Designing Diva’s”. ?????

  6. deevadesigner

    Thank you Aunt C, such a high praise!!And thank you for visiting!

  7. jamala wallace

    Your bedroom is pretty darn awesome!! You created the perfect serene space in which to wake up in. I love what you did with the stencil and the mirrors.. Fantastic work of art! High five to you on this

  8. Chi

    Gorgeous!!! I wouldn’t change a thing– it’s breathtaking!!

  9. deevadesigner

    Thanks Jamala, I really appreciate your support!!

  10. deevadesigner

    Thank You Chi! and thank you so much for stopping by!!

  11. Lela

    That is so gorgeous sis!

  12. Andrea

    It all looks great. I love the wall color you chose! That bed is awesome.

  13. deevadesigner

    Thank you Andrea!!

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