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Feather Art


Hi friends and fam! For those in the U.S., I hope everyone enjoyed their turkey day as much as I did!

Over the past month or so, I’ve been (slowly) working on a gallery wall for my staircase and I think I’ve got a nice little collection going! This floating feather art was the first project I did for my collection and it was low cost (surprise surprise!), quick and really easy to make. Here’s the breakdown:


– Glue gun (I had this on hand but can be as cheap as $6)

– Metallic spray paint (Home Depot, around $7)

– Shadow box frame (Goodwill, $5)

– Feather (Michaels, $2)

– Acrylic paint and brush (had this on hand but prices can be under $2 per bottle, and .79 cents per brush)


image image

Feather Art  image


I got the frame a while back from goodwill.  The original art in the frame wasn’t half bad (the black and white “Love” piece above) but I didn’t want pictures of random children in my house!  Anyway, I just had to remove the pictures and black felt backing to make use of the frame.  I used some leftover paint from my entryway accent wall and combined it with some white acrylic paint to create the ombré effect.  I actually painted this right onto the cardboard backing – yes, I painted on the cardboard, there’s no art rule that says that you can’t!  For the feather, I found a pack of three from michaels.  I was inspired by the gold and silver tipped feathers I’ve seen on Instagram, but I decided to just spraypaint the whole thing instead.  I also spray painted the frame. Once the spray paint dried, I used the hot glue gun to glue the base of the feather to the frame.

Well there you have it! This took me maybe 30 mins tops including drying time! I love how the feather looks permanently wet from the spray paint and almost appears to be floating!  What do you all think of this feather art project?


5 thoughts on “Floating Feather Art

  1. Christine V

    You are so talented I would have never thought to paint the cardboard and you can’t even tell. This looks so nice!

  2. deevadesigner

    Thanks love!!

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  4. Britney

    I love this!

  5. deevadesigner

    Thank you Britney!!

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